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Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Update v1.07

Release Name : Sniper_Ghost_Warrior_2_Update_v1.07-FLTDOX
Size : 44.97 MB

Changelogs :

The recent patch from 11-04-2013 includes a following changes:

  • Fixed problem with changing in-game mouse sensitivity

Single Player

  • Fixed the Memory allocation Crash at the beginning  of  Siberian  Strike DLC which was occurring on lower end machines
  • Fixed the issue with  disappearing  HUD  after  the  bullet  cameras  on Siberian Strike DLC


  • Improved stability of the leaderboards system
  • Improved functionality of matchmaking mechanism
  • Fixed the issue with Client not being able to rejoin LAN session
  • Fixed scoreboard issue on the LAN Deathmatch
  • Fixed stamina. breath and scope’s oscillation malfunction
  • Users kicked from the session will not be able to rejoin it
  • Server browser will now show all servers from the entire world

Link For Download : Click Here

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